Heritage & Restoration


Preserving the Past

If a site is due for demolition or redevelopment, Grandes Images can document the "archaeology" of a site. Large format film can capture minute detail to a level that allows enlargement of an image to many times greater than life size, creating a record of architecture and artefacts, both in situ and after removal from the site.

Recording the Present

History is not just about looking back to the past but should also include recording the present for the benefit of future historians. Often, a photographic record will have been made of a site, either when it was first constructed or shortly after photography was invented; whichever came sooner. Grandes Images can bring history up to date, recording the current state of a site for future posterity.

Preparing for the Future

When a site is in need of restoration, it can be important to record the present state of a site or artefact prior to carrying out, what could be partially destructive, preparatory work prior to final restoration or reconstruction.

Grandes Images can also create accurate photographic records for insurance purposes. We can record minute detail such as assay marks on jewellery or, otherwise unnoticeable, identifying marks which can aid recovery of lost items. The level of detail available in large format photographs can also guide the repair and replacement of items and structures damaged by fire, water or erosion.